InglisInglis Appliances Repair

Inglis appliances are very popular and known for their quality and the long years of service they offer. We as homeowners come to rely on our appliances in our everyday lives. Some more than others, like the refrigerator – we don’t even think about it.. until it breaks down.

When your washer/dryer starts making loud rattling noises as it spins, or the dishwasher stops producing hot water… it’s time to turn to Inglis appliance repair experts!.

Professional Inglis Brand Repairs  

Most household appliances can be restored with a few spare parts unless they are very old. Those spare parts for Inglis machines are always on-hand in our standard inventory, to be used right away and spare you more unnecessary wait time.

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of several known brands and Inglis is one of them. Our repair crews have years of experience and knowledge dealing with Inglis appliances.

Types of Appliances we Service and Fix

  1. Inglis Washer Repair
  2. Inglis Dryer Repair
  3. Inglis Dishwashers Repair
  4. Inglis Cooktop Repair
  5. Inglis Refrigerator Repair
  6. Inglis Range Ovens Repair

InglisOur service is always courteous and professional. We respond to calls on a same-day basis, and make ourselves available on any day of the week, including even statutory holidays. Your appliance breakdown is our concern and we will make sure to be there to fix your problem as soon as possible.

We operate in the Toronto Area region but our Inglis appliance repair services are also available for surrounding townships. 

Call Us For Reliable 24-7 Inglis Appliance Repairs

Call us on any day of the week and we’ll be sure to respond quickly and efficiently, fixing your Inglis household appliances for you and restoring order to your life!